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In Auntie Em’s Garden

on August 10, 2012

I read a quote on the WordPress site yesterday from Gloria Steinem saying, “I don’t like to write. I like to have written.” That’s sort of like me with gardening. I do like to get my hands in the dirt, but it’s so hot, and my knees hurt with all the squatting, and I’ve pulled muscles in my back from tugging… But I so love the results! Bright colors, and especially blues, make me happy! (pinks follow a close second.)
Flowers are just part of the method of propagation that God designed for plants. I’m so thankful for His beautiful creativity! He could have designed a nuts and bolts, practical way, but He added all this beauty too.
Psalm 19:1– The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth His handiwork.

Mr X is off today, so we are taking a little day trip. I’ll leave you, Dearies, with some pretty sights from my garden to start your weekend on a happy note!

20120810-064605.jpg      20120810-064634.jpg      20120810-064707.jpg

20120810-064748.jpg   20120810-064804.jpg   20120810-064822.jpg   \

20120810-064846.jpg   20120810-064903.jpg   20120810-064926.jpg

20120810-064951.jpg   20120810-065030.jpg   20120810-065115.jpg


2 responses to “In Auntie Em’s Garden

  1. LubbyGirl says:

    I love the flowers – but I LOVE that brick wall behind them. As a child, I dreamed of living in a brick house with huge windows and several fireplaces. Of course . . . I also dreamed of living in a schoolhouse. The closest I’ve come to either is living near a schoolhouse and having a brick front walkway. :-) But hey, every little helps, right? :-)

  2. Auntie Em says:

    Thanks for coming by! That brick wall is my house– and you are learning! Every little DOES help!

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