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The Commentator Award

on August 17, 2012

There are several awards that go around Blogland. (I sound like I really know what I’m doing; like I’m really a bona fide resident of Blogland and not an imposter!) Once you get one, you can pass it on to another whose blog you think meets the requirements of the award. This one awards the people who leave comments on your blog. For a long time now, I’ve had several blogs I visited daily but rarely, if ever, “liked” or left a comment. Now that I’m writing, I realize how much those comments mean to the writer! Somebody is listening! And I helped. Or made somebody laugh. Or think. As my old preacher used to say, “It’s like saying SIC’ EM to a dog!”

The official rules tell you to look on your site stats page and see who the top 7 commenters are. Hopefully you are in there, and I am #1 since I feel like, if somebody takes the time to comment, they deserve a reply and my thanks! Then you can choose another, for whatever reason you want.

I was #5 on my sweet friend simplyjuliana‘s blog and so she awarded me. Since she sort of “launched” me, we have many of the same blogging friends, so my top commenters got her award too… so I’m skipping on to my choice. It’s TeeKay from athimblesworthofwisdom. If you’ve read many of my posts, you will see her name a lot. She’s about the president of my board of directors and a friend close as a sister. She actually is high on my list of commenters, but besides the NUMBER of comments she’s left, the sweet notes she has left has lifted my spirits and encouraged me many times.

Thank you simplyjuliana, and TeeKay!

4 responses to “The Commentator Award

  1. Don’t forget what an inspiration you are, too! You flow in the love of God and that makes you a POWERFUL woman in the Spirit!! The greatest of all the ministry gifts is love! It is the one that will last forever! Loving you back, my precious friend!!! Juliana 🙂

  2. Thank you dear friend/sister. You inspire me and I love you for being who you are!

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