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10-minute meals with Auntie Em!

on September 6, 2012

School started last week!

It actually went very smoothly, and I actually always get up early so I can visit a bit with Mr X before he leaves, so it’s not getting back on a schedule, but getting used to getting DRESSED and LEAVING THE HOUSE that takes some getting used to! I was so glad I had some freezer meals waiting! I froze 3 meal-sized servings of taco meat during my Once-a-Month-Cooking marathon, remember? Behold the awesomeness of a 10-minute meal:


7:54. We’re starving and tired. Take the meat out; microwave a minute or two to break it up; then put in a covered container to heat through.









While that’s heating, drain some Ranch style beans (of course you can use regular pinto or black beans too), then heat them; and grate some cheese. I usually use cheddar but couldn’t find any! Heat the beans up after the meat heats.

I also sliced some cherry tomatoes that I had, and got out some tortilla chips and bottled hot salsa.

Layer it as thick as you like. Microwave a few more seconds to melt the cheese!





8:04. Ten minutes, freezer to table. Supper is ready. Once-a-month cooking payoff! And may I just say, it was a big hit!

12 responses to “10-minute meals with Auntie Em!

  1. Thanks! I never thought of using the Ranch Style Beans before, and Pete loves them. Glad to see you blogging Auntie M. Drop by and see me in Life & Faith in Caneyhead. – Barbara

  2. Yummo! I know what is for supper! Thanks for the great recipe!!! 🙂

  3. kimahall says:

    While I haven’t done the monthly cook aheads, I have started to do weekly cook-ups. It makes such a difference when dinnertime rolls around! I have no doubt there will be moms so grateful for instituting your suggestions!

  4. Meghan says:

    Found you through Not Your Ordinary Blog Hop and this recipe looks delicious! I love make ahead cooking it saves us from take out! I am now a new follower. Would love a follow back if you are so inclined at

  5. Visiting from Not Your Ordinary Blog Hop. The only thing I would change is to use some of our Thrive ingedients. I used to do this kind of cooking before stocking our Homestore.

  6. Wow, awesome! I have been wanting to try making a bunch of freezer meals for forever, but we’ve had the top of our wedding cake in our freezer all year and so there’s no room! But our anniversary is tomorrow, so once the cake is gone I will have freezer space again! Thanks for sharing this at The Fun In Functional!

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A guide to all the important things in life- marriage, family, cooking, gardening, reading, travel, Christian living... And whatever else grabs my attention!

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