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Lucy Ricardo Strikes, Again!!

on September 26, 2012

I had to share this– simplyjuliana and I have been friends a loooong time, like since junior high! And we both foot a belly laugh out of this one! Auntie Em

Leave it to me!  Yesterday Auntie Em wrote me and told me her number of hits had almost doubled!  She became suspicious and went to the post that was getting numerous hits from all over the world!  She began to read.  All seemed perfectly normal.  The only thing different was she used the term “BFF”.  She began to think, “What if that has another meaning besides “Best Friends Forever”?  Being the smart Auntie Em she is, she researches it out.  She types in the particular phrase.  PLEASE, DO NOT DO THIS!  Sure enough, something terrible came before her eyes.

I began to roll in the floor laughing until I cried!  I began to think, “I am not the Lucille Ball…SHE is!”  I began to think “Thank God nothing like this has EVER happened to me on one of my post!”  Finally, the laugh is not on me for a change!! …

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6 responses to “Lucy Ricardo Strikes, Again!!

  1. Rejoycin says:

    Spiritual boomerang! Yep!

    • Auntie Em says:

      ha! That’s a good way to put it… ye shall reap what you sow… BOOM! Thanks for visiting!

      • Rejoycin says:

        : ) Stop back also. I feel like I know you and Juliana! Fun- I am a new pathetic blogger who wants visitors It is that affirmation thing! I started with it private just for myself and I am just loving writing and sharing. I know God is in it and it is such a great opportunity for evangelism, fun and creativity!! Nice gift for my daughter too!
        Philly Blessed! Denise

      • Auntie Em says:

        Come on now– no pathetic anywhere I see! I visited over at Rejoycin and looks like nothing but fun.. except the EXERCISE part! I followed you through my reader on WordPress– did it show up as a follow for you? (I know we love to see those numbers grow!)

      • Rejoycin says:

        Yeah! I have 8 followers! Whoa Whoa!!
        Such affirmation : ) Thank you. Time robber but I live for diversions– makes life interesting !!
        Luv in the Savior, D

      • Rejoycin says:

        correct, 2 followers; I was viewing the wrong list! I think the first is my 13 year old : o !!! : )
        they will come… build it an they will come… : )
        Have a blessed day!

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A guide to all the important things in life- marriage, family, cooking, gardening, reading, travel, Christian living... And whatever else grabs my attention!

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