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The Birds and the Bees…

on September 29, 2012


Sis and Sunshine, you can start breathing again. I’m talking about REAL birds, and REAL bees. And butterflies, and caterpillars (Sorry Sunshine), and squirrels, and other critters that I love looking at in our yard. We are fortunate to have a large neighborhood lot, with lots of trees and flowers, and God’s handiwork is evident. I love “porching,” as one of our cousins calls it, and enjoying the sights and sounds! If you need a little glimpse of nature, come on!

Our cat, Max. He thinks all this belongs to him.

Bumblebee happily buzzing in a squash flower this spring

Hummers at the back porch feeder

We had lots of these this summer– red admiral, maybe?

I think a pipevine swallowtail– do you know for sure?

Top view of the butterfly in question– beautiful!

We had so many giant swallowtails this year!

This scary looking critter is actually a friend– called a wasp killer!

The doves loved our messy sparrows, because there were lots of seeds on the ground!

Gulf fritillary– we had tons of these this year!

I have no idea who these occasional visitors were– anyone?

I had to zoom a lot on the camera to get close enough, so it’s not as clear as I’d like.. but I couldn’t resist this little guy!

The small birds really like our new feeder.

Beautiful giant swallowtail. Many of these visited, but none was more striking than this one.

My personal favorite. For two days, two of these girls visited.

Just saw this beauty a few times.

I realized that, while my lantana is a nectaring jackpot, parsley is one of the few larval feeders that I had this summer. Next spring I will add lots more!

Geckos for the first time this year! (Especially INSIDE the house)

Do you have skinks where you live? They look like a cross between a lizard and snake, but somehow, I like them anyway! Probably because of their beautiful blue tails.

2 responses to “The Birds and the Bees…

  1. Rejoycin says:

    I like that your post reaches to empower me. (I am in the car- a passenger – and I was unable to pull up to comment on the appropriate post on my phone.) You post about Hagar and being seen by God: how easy it is to fall into despair thinking “what’s the point.”. This may seem odd to some but, when I was raising my daughter and feeling alone, a friend suggested to me that I just pretend there was a spouse in my life to keep encouraged and motivated. So, I did at times. This little game actually moved me along. I really appreciate the boldness of my friend to offer such a quirky suggestion.
    Also, I enjoy your nature photos– the doves in particular. Luv-n-Christ, Denise

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