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What I Know Now

on October 30, 2012

I’m visiting my friend Kelly at Exceptionalistic and guest posting there!

Ever wish you knew what you know now, way back when? I wrote a letter to my 28-year old self sharing exactly that. Hopefully, if you are a parent with young children and wonder if you’ll ever have an adult conversation; if you will ever have enough money to spare; if the unending discipline and teaching will pay off, this letter is for you.

It will be worth it!

5 responses to “What I Know Now

  1. Kelly says:

    Of course I loved this!!! Great post Melinda. I appreciate you sharing with me and my readers. I also appreciate that things will get easier (although I’m so not ready for my kids to get any bigger)!

    • Auntie Em says:

      Thanks Kelly! And, believe me, day after tomorrow they will be in high school. Mine are 25, 26, and 29… I can’t understand it! But adult children are AWESOME!

  2. kimahall says:

    I agree, Melinda. I loved each age of my children (some ages more than others :-)), but adult children are so much fun because they can finally be your friends.

    • Auntie Em says:

      I read a wise comment that said you can be your child’s parent now and friend later, or friend now and parent later.. so glad I was a parent THEN so I can be a friend NOW LOL!

  3. simplyhelpinghim says:

    Heading to Kelly’s corner ;) Thanks for linking up at Simply Helping Him last week! :)

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