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Christmas is Coming.. $$$

on November 6, 2012

Christmas is coming,

the goose is getting fat!

Please put a penny in the Old Man’s hat.*

… and a quarter in the Salvation Army red bucket… and $10 for your boss’s Christmas collection.. and $15 for your Secret Santa gift… and $25 for your Shoe Box… and $50 for your Christmas mission offering… oh, and then there’s Christmas dinner… and oh, yes, your own spouse and children to buy gifts for!

The holiday season can turn into a money pit of opportunities! They can also cause a lot of stress on your marriage. I’m contributing today over at A Biblical Marriage to the series Surviving the Holidays with Your Marriage Intact. Hop on over there and check out The Holiday Minefield– Financial Bombs! Leave a comment and tell them Auntie Em sent you!

Surviving the Holidays with your marriage intact

If you’ve never heard this sweet little *English Christmas carol, here is a nice simple version of it.

9 responses to “Christmas is Coming.. $$$

  1. yeah, those little shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child! one year, we spent $71 on our three boxes! It’s a great mini8stry, but we have to plan ahead for the budget!

  2. Sunshine says:

    Great post Mom! I also really liked your little biography blurb on her page. It’s cute- and accurate!

  3. Auntie Em says:

    Thanks Sunshine! Xoxox

  4. Rejoycin says:

    Just check in to say, made 3 out of five of m 10 minute challenge. My biggest obstacle is remembering! ahhhhhhhhhh Denise

  5. thoughtsfromanamericanwoman says:

    Great link, we have prioritized our Christmas years ago and have been happier since we brought the true meaning of Christmas back in our lives. One year we bought toys and some food for a friend in need and left them on her door step, other years we would choose one mission oriented project to give too but last year we gave to the Hiefer project and adopted that mission for every year, we like how that gift gives all year long. This year we saved during the year and will be able to purchase more animals for “under the tree” and also this year is the first year we are participating in the Operation Christmas Child – like Suannporter I must watch my budget, since I don’t have grandchildren and have not bought toys in a long time I may go overboard. 😀 But like your article stated..NO CREDIT CARDS!.. It is just as exciting as if I was getting presents, it fills us with so much joy.

    • Auntie Em says:

      Patty, that is so inspiring and good to hear! Thank you so much for following me over here.. hope you find lots you enjoy!


      • thoughtsfromanamericanwoman says:

        There is and you always have a special way to remind me when I start to think differently. 🙂

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A guide to all the important things in life- marriage, family, cooking, gardening, reading, travel, Christian living... And whatever else grabs my attention!

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