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21-day Challenge Update #1

on November 10, 2012

Self-discipline ChallengeIt’s already November 10, halfway through the 21-day Challenge. I’ve been aware of it every day, and I’ve done more than I would have done. Not everything I would like to have done, but hey, every little helps! And a big improvement is that I’m doing better about putting things away rather than dropping them wherever they are. Flylady is right about that shiny sink being an incentive to keep your dishes washed!

Thursday, Nov 1– Picked up and put away leather jacket, red coat, shoes by door, shoes I wore that day, sweatshirt and pants from the morning, goodie bag from dentist last week, piled-up mail on the table; emptied trash in my bathroom and laundry room; brought trash can back from the road; watered plants and ran the soaker hose. Plus supper, beefy vegetable soup. (Featured in Second Generation Meals)

Friday, Nov 2– At work– went through student forms for Booster club and requests for crim check forms and updated that info; at home, motorcycle ride to dinner with friends.

Saturday, Nov 3– ADD housecleaning. Goodwill, recycle, Walmart, computer tome only with a timer so I wouldn’t stay on forever. Cleaned my bathroom. Cleaned and straightened under kitchen sink. (Mr X replaced faucet.) Got 2 posts ready for A Biblical Marriage Holiday Minefield.

Sunday, Nov 4-– church, met in-laws for lunch (They are working out of town with the Volunteer Christian Builders.) Folded and put away ALL the clothes that had been germinating in the basket– probably 3 loads of towels and socks.

Monday, Nov 5– All- Region choir rehearsal. I took 19 of my kiddos right after school; we had a quick supper then went to a 2 1/2 hour rehearsal for our Region concert Tuesday night. I conducted all but 1 piece in the choir I was working. My self-discipline was that I stayed on my feet! (I did finally take my shoes off though!)

Tues, Nov 6–  swept kitchen, watered plants. I think maybe more, but I can’t remember!

Wednesday, Nov 7— wrote Second Generation post.

Thursday, Nov 8— Veterans’ Day program at school- my kids sang the National Anthem (a cappella) (click here if you’d like to hear them- this is in class, not at the program.) and the Salute to the Armed Forces with our band.

Friday, Nov 9— ??? Took a load of donations to Goodwill. Seems like more, but I can’t remember!

Saturday, Nov 10— cleaned house! Dusted, vacuumed, mopped, cleaned kitchen countertops; washed sheets, bedspread, and a load of towels and jeans — ALL PUT AWAY! And the biggest deal– I walked for half an hour.

Knowing that it’s only 10 minutes has helped a lot. It gives the perfectionist (recovering) in my permission not to eat the whole elephant! How are you doing?

2 responses to “21-day Challenge Update #1

  1. Rejoycin says:

    He! I love this— AND I can so relate. I especially laughed at “brought the trash can back from the road”!!!– I do that. I will look at it, ride by it, leave the driveway with it taunting me in the rearview mirror and move it! And then when I do it is like this great sense of empowerment that I have yet another week accomplished this monumental exercise— trash collection and the return of the cans!! You are doing great! I am doing– better. I took the dog for a long walk today and cleaned up around the house this weekend, including: floors, finally picking up the plastic water bottle that rolled under the couch along with the McCormicks crushed red pepper container from pizza night– never mind when that was! And I put away clothes in 3 of the 4 baskets that made it upstairs clean and ironed but not back where they came from. Oh, I never seem to want to finish the little details that make me feel so good when they are done. I rather close my eyes to them and have them nag me, walk over them and bury myself in the computer than bravely attack the mission! Oh- I did not plan on this being so long HEHE– You are Juliana are like my Texas friends next door! D
    So excited to be moving forward with Rejoycin‘! Now, if I can just figure out where I am going!

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