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These are a Few of My Favorite Things

on January 29, 2013

And give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Ephesians 5:20

Over the Christmas holidays I caught up on LOTS of blog reading– I saw several who were taking part in Ann Voscamp’s 1000 Gifts Joy Dare and thought what a good idea that would be. I ultimately decided that I could so easily become obsessed with “keeping up” that it might do me more harm than good, so instead of counting, I’m working hard on keeping a thankful heart all the time. One evening I looked around my kitchen and took some pictures of some of the things I’m really thankful for, so many gifts that I could spin around and see without taking a step. I am blessed beyond measure.

If you’d like to get in the mood, listen to Julie Andrews sing “My Favorite Things” while you read! From when my kids were tiny, I’d sing this when something bad was happening– shots, sickness, broken hearts, pets dying…

I love dishes and kitchenware! Sis got me this new bowl for Christmas.

And the amazing thing was how well it went with my Fiestaware (which I also love) that I already had!


I love a hot cup of Constant Comment tea when I get home from school in the afternoon.


I love my KitchenAid stand mixer. Mr X got it for me for Christmas about 20 years ago. (Some women don’t like kitchen tools as gifts– not me!)


I love this dipper. Granny just gave it to us over the holidays. It belonged to Mr X’s great-grandmother and she kept it on a nail by her sink, and everyone who needed a drink of water used it. (People were tougher back then, and viruses were weaker!) He drinks out of it now.


I love my pantry. After Hurricane Rita we replaced out cabinets and put this in. Thank you Home Depot!


We also added a built-in buffet and this display cabinet. I have lots of glassware that belonged to my grandmother.


I love my Lenox Holiday china. For several Christmases Mr X had gotten me a serving piece, then after Christmas in 2007, he bought several dinner and salad plates, plus a platter and vegetable dish, to give me the next year. (on the sly, and at half-price!) In September of 2008 Hurricane Ike hit, and as I was preparing to evacuate (he has to stay since he works for the electric company) and was sinking fast, thinking it was going to be like Rita again, he brought out my Christmas present early to cheer me up. Sis and her husband spent the night with us so we could leave together the next morning, and we ate on it in case our house got smashed.


I love my Wusthof knives. Another Christmas gift.


I love coffee in the morning. Mr X fixes it the night before, and sets out my cup and Splenda for me.


I love our refrigerator memory gallery. That’s my (and the girls’) piano teacher in the upper left with Sis and me, and my mother on the lower left. We get magnets from places we visit.


I love our little stray cat that adopted us. We call him “Bullet” because he runs around like crazy. He is marked a lot like our black and white cat, Max. I love the way Mr X is such a cat person! Knowing him, you wouldn’t expect it, but he’s a big softie about those cats.


I love the fact that my girls are crafty. Sunshine made this cake for a baby shower.

sunshine's cake

Sis made these cupcakes for the  birthday party of a friend’s little girl.

And my friends, I love the fact that YOU are reading my blog! I pray for you. I pray that God will give me words to speak, to meet needs.

Look around. See what you love. We have been extravagantly gifted. What are you thankful for today?

17 responses to “These are a Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Wow. What a pantry! Such a nice thing to have. I love your dishes too. Very fun. And the cupcakes, adorable.

  2. Stopping by from Into the Word Wednesday… we all have so much to be thankful for! I love your colorful plates… I am a huge fan of colorful dishes! 🙂 Blessings to you

  3. Becca says:

    Thankful for a warm house on a cold day. Thankful for refreshing walks and the ability to walk. God’s amazing creation. God’s never-ending love. The hope He gives us…

  4. The pantry alone is worth praising God! Wonderful!!

  5. Sunshine says:

    I’m thankful for you!

  6. thoughtsfromanamericanwoman says:

    You do have some wonderful things! I also like kitchen things for gifts, although DH has a hard time buying them for as gifts. Forget all the new electronic gadgets, I want all the new kitchen gadgets! 🙂

    • Auntie Em says:

      You and me both! I keep saying, ‘I have everything I could possibly need!” But then I find something I like. But truly, I know the difference, and I’m so thankful!

      • thoughtsfromanamericanwoman says:

        I never hear DH complaining when I make him meals from all of my gadgets!! 🙂 Homemade chili tomorrow, he is one happy guy!

      • Auntie Em says:

        We had chili last night for our “cold weather” supper– it was a bone-chilling 50! But you know for Southeast Texans, that’s really cold lol!

      • thoughtsfromanamericanwoman says:

        oh yes, my dear friend is from the Houston area and she is so cold in the winter. I bought her a pair of those fingerless gloves to help keep her warm.

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