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Two Quick Things- a Gift and a Request

on March 4, 2013

First, a gift for you– A Biblical Marriage, a blog I contribute to, launched an e-book today called Glorifying God in your Finances. If you enjoyed my “Take Care of your Pennies” post, it’s in there, along with articles from many of the regular contributors. And the best news is that it’s FREE for a limited time! (I’m not sure how long, so don’t wait.) Click the picture to reach the article and instructions for downloading.
Glorifying God in your Finances ~ FREE Resource from

Next, I need something from you. I have never been able to get into a “groove” with a quiet time and prayer. Mostly prayer. I figured the best way to learn is to research and teach, so I want to write some posts about the process of prayer. I’m asking for any kind of suggestions you have, from the smallest sentence to possibly a guest post. I want specifics… logistics… what time? How long? A certain amount of chapters, pages, time, etc?? Do you read the Bible only, or do book studies?

I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this. If it’s come easy for you, or if it has been difficult and you’ve found something that has helped, please share with us! (And if, like me, you’re still struggling, share that too… we’ll muddle through together.)

10 responses to “Two Quick Things- a Gift and a Request

  1. optimisticgladness says:

    Hey there! Here is my first post. It’s very short, but conveys a picture and a message on prayer and the bible. I hope it helps.
    Have you ever heard of BSF (Bible study Fellowship)? It is a daily bible study and a world wide organization. Fabulous! That is what I do. There are 6 day’s questions and on the 7th day, we discuss them as a group. Here is a link….if you’re interested.

  2. Rejoycin says:

    (1) Group support is always good, At different times I have been involved in meeting with a bible study group and we selected a topic book to guide us– sometimes videos.

    (2) Otherwise, I love this link for options:
    There are numerous options that you can browse through to see what interests you. Perhaps start with a short devotion, such as “Daily Proverbs” for 31 Days. Currently, I have been using “Daily Light on the Daily Path” which is very rich.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t done cover to cover– although I tried numerous times. I wind up picking up a (3) Jack Hayford study book and doing a topic study or choose a book and use:

    (4) Pastor Chuck Smith Commentaries… love this guy!!!!

    If you decide you would like a partner or online accountability group, I am game.
    Online seems to work for me that is why I like #2, the… you can write online and take notes in your online bible. ESV has become my base bible after much research is choosing.

    So there are my comments. Miss my online friends– so much gone on in my life. Stay tune for my next blog as soon as I get it up– likely end of week or early next about “The Lost Diamonds”– it was my Lucille Ball weekend, just another…
    Love in Christ, your online friend, Denise

  3. lindaangelcounseling says:

    Early on, back in the day, yes I believe it was the late 80’s or early 90’s we had a woman come speak at a women’s conference at our church. Her name…Joyce Meyer. Yes, before she became JOYCE MEYER!!! Ha ha, well she said something in her teaching that I never forgot. She said she would get so upset when she couldn’t keep a rigid bible reading schedule for herself. Beating herself up when she just couldn’t get it all in at the proper time each day.
    She said that she finally learned that for some folks reading in the morning works, for others, evenings, and still for others, before bed. Some used a bible study format, others used daily reading guides and yet others read as lead. Whenever, whatever, however, it matters not. What does matter, is that you spend some time in reading and prayer with the Lord.
    Some of us need that rigid schedule and that is fine, for others going at it a bit more freely is ok too. I fall into the second category, but respect those who meet with the Lord at a scheduled time each day.
    Taking God along with me as I go face the day is imperative! Spending time with Him also. But how I do it often varies with the day too.
    Hope this helps! He wants our heart, our time and our life. How we work that out is important to Him too. He embraces our desire to be with Him each day.
    Thanks for the great posts! Linda

  4. Lori Mack says:

    Hey Melinda- I have always struggled with a quiet time also. I think almost everyone struggles with a structured quiet time. Recently my husband and I started a study with 12 other people called “Masterlife.” it has completely helped! Thats not to say some of the others I’ve been through we’re not fantastic. I loved Ruth by Kelley Minter. There is so much I could write but I will stop before it gets too long.

    • Auntie Em says:

      Thank you so much Lori! Do you have a set time you read/study/pray? (Don’t worry about going too long lol!) or message me on FB when you get some minutes.

  5. Auntie Em says:

    For those leaving comments– please continue! I’m going to compile them into a post. Thanks, Friends!

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