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Around the Garden– March 30

on March 30, 2013

Spring is definitely here in Southeast Texas, although we had a slight hiccup and some near-freezing temps early this week! I picked this little bouquet a few weeks ago- daffodils, narcissus, hyacinth, saucer magnolia (tulip tree), camellia, and some rosemary sprigs.


Early this season we visited the farm of a good friend and I got a load of manure and topsoil– if you are a gardener, you know how excited I was! Plus, I got to see several baby cows!20130129-154803.jpg

I planted lettuce for the first time– it’s looking beautiful! I planted more in the ground, and some more in a large pot, several weeks apart. I wish I liked radishes– they looks pretty but taste like dirt to me.

20130327-200405.jpg 20130327-200356.jpg

I got an apple tree this year. As with any new bed, I like to lay down several layers of newspaper to kill out the grass and weeds. Mr X used a piece of twine as a handy little compass to make the brick border an even circle. Then “we” (there’s the “marital we” again)¬†saturated the newspapers, then topped with a thick layer of leaf mulch, which we also saturated.

20130327-200335.jpg 20130327-200324.jpg 20130327-200300.jpg

I’m afraid the broccoli is about done. From what I’ve read, when the temps get about 70, they begin bolting to flower and seed. I put in some newer ones about a month ago, thinking that it was the age of the plant that made a difference, but they are flowering too.


Basil seedlings coming up. I need to pot them up!


I didn’t know that saucer magnolia would root where it touches the ground, like azaleas do. Here are 3 new ones that took root. I hope they will grow into new trees!


How is your garden growing?

One response to “Around the Garden– March 30

  1. Sunshine says:

    Do you want some more redbud? I have more i need to move. I want a tulip tree if you have one to spare!

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