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Ways to Get Your Exercise When You Travel

on June 19, 2013

Vacation time is here and I, for one, usually come back 2 or 3 pounds heavier than when I left. Here are some realistic ways to get a bit of exercise in. After all, every little helps!

Move while you wait.

1. In the elevator lobby

Move while you wait on the elevator.

Move while you wait on the elevator.

2. Inside the elevator

Move while you're in the elevator. As long as you are alone!

Move while you’re in the elevator. As long as you are alone!

3. While you brush your teeth or are on the phone

Move while you're brushing your teeth.

Move while you’re brushing your teeth.

Depending on how many people are around and how crazy you mind looking, you still can get some body work done.

  • Do “in-place” crunches, Kegels, or other muscle-tightening exercises if you are in a crowd.
  • Balance on one leg. Extend the other leg front, side, and back. Do multiple reps depending on how slow the elevator is.
  • Do jumping jacks, high kicks, or walk in place. Kicking one leg combines aerobic activity (high kick) with core strength training. (balancing)

Walk where you can.

Walk down the hall a few times.

Walk down the hall a few times.

  • Down the hall— Going to the fitness center takes a commitment I’m usually not willing to make (time, clothes, SHOES…) but I can walk up and down the hall a few times barefoot, and use a few laps as “the price” I have to pay before I read, write, or whatever fun thing I want to do.
Take a walk in the hotel garden.

Take a walk in the hotel garden.

In the garden

  • — The hotel has a sweet outside area with a circular walkway. After writing a while, it’s good to get outside.

Take the stairs if your knees can handle it.

Talk about an effective exercise! But my knees just don’t like this one.

Take the stairs!

Take the stairs!

Make everything count.

  • Don’t make sitting down your default. Stand while you put on your makeup. Walk around when uploading pictures from your phone.
  • Do double duty. I know myself and know it’s hard for me to get moving, so when I finally do, I need to get as much done as possible. Moving your arms while walking increases the heart rate a bit more. Using wrist weights can add strength training. Doing standing stomach crunches while you walk takes some concentration (at least for me) but is a great way to get them in. 
  • Think ahead! Bring wrist weights in your suitcase and put them by the door. When you are taking your walk down the hall, work your arms too. If you are like me and didn’t think about it till too late, you can still pump or circle your arms, especially if you are on the top, little-populated floor and your arms are short enough not to run into the walls!

Be intentional about moving.

  • Set a timer to remind yourself to get up and go.
  • Tie moving to a certain point of whatever activity you’re doing– when you finish the crossword puzzle, the chapter, or the blog post.
  • Tie certain activities to moving– phone calls or waiting for slow-loading wi-fi, for example.

Just like  taking care of your pennies will make your dollars add up, I have to believe that a little exercise spread out over the day will add up to a healthier lifestyle. I know I still need to make a more serious commitment. But it’s a start!

2 responses to “Ways to Get Your Exercise When You Travel

  1. Bronwyn Lea says:

    So true! Make everything count. Don’t lift your toddler when you could bench press them ;-)

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