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Home Organization– Keepin’ It Real

Surely you don’t EVER start to think that Auntie Em has it all together, do you? Because you would be sadly mistaken. I think you know the truth, but love me anyway. That is what I have discovered about my little corner of the blogosphere: Bloggers and blog readers — at least the ones that run in my circle — are the kindest, most gracious people anywhere. They cheer you on when you need it; encourage you when you are down; and laugh at your corny jokes.

THANK YOU! You are appreciated!

Over the Christmas holidays, between motorcycle accident (Mr X) and upper respiratory infection (me) recovery, I managed to do my normal bit of beginning to organize the house. It’s been a dream for about 15 years, to lay my hands on everything in the house and make sure it’s up-t0-date and where it should be. (We have lived in this house 15 1/2 years.) I’ve never finished, but I’ve done parts. This time I did my closet, my bathroom cabinets, the refrigerator, and the pantry.

A friend of a friend organized a community garage sale to raise money to send to the Sandy Hook families, so I took some things there. Mr X’s co- worker was holding a blanket drive so we sent a couple that we had replaced there. A church members works for a community charity that aids needy families, especially when their homes burn, and I sent my dishes that we replaced with her. I had a zillion hotel shampoos and lotions that I sent to a friend who works with the Christian Women’s Job Corps.

What I was happy to find lurking in the depths: 1 bottle of Lancôme eye makeup remover; 1 queen-sized thermal blanket; 1 bottle of Zyrtec. I put these to good use.

Several friends brought food for us when we got back from the hospital, so I was forced to clean out the refrigerator. I have always used a turntable but got another one, even before the latest Pinterest pin began circulating!


What I was embarrassed to find in the refrigerator:

Sour cream … May 14, 2012


Beef broth… September 22, 2011


UGH. Cottage cheese… May 12, 2011


Feeling better about your life now??


Grace under pressure

I confess, I haven’t been watching the Olympics, but I’m keeping up a bit with my friends’ Facebook posts! My favorite so far is little Jordan Weiber, who was obviously devastated when she didn’t qualify for the all-around finals.

But right after that, went on to give a stellar performance. What discipline! And further, the grace she showed to her teammates, in being genuinely thrilled for them– that’s maturity beyond her years.

And remember this? When Kanye West “photobombed” the 2009 MTV Awards and interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video and said that Beyonce “had one of the best videos of all time.”

When Beyonce won the Video of the Year, she acknowledged Taylor and invited her up to finish her speech so gracefully and kindly. She was not the one who had done anything wrong, but she gave up her limelight for someone who had been cheated. What class!

I taught a student who made the Texas All-State Choir as a freshman, a huge accomplishment. Then her sophomore year, she didn’t, but my daughter did, as a senior. This little 15-year old was so excited for Sis, and told her all about what to expect, and how happy she was for her. I was so proud of her!

We all get in situations where we feel cheated, or unfairly treated, or disappointed. Paul tells Timothy in 2 Timothy 4 to stay at his post- keep on telling others the Message; keep up his daily spiritual disciplines; keep doing what God told him to do. We have to do it too. If God puts us somewhere, whether it’s a classroom, at home with preschoolers, in an office– figure out what He’s doing there and what your part is. Then leave the results to Him. You just keep on doing your part, with grace, no matter the circumstances.

Have you had a time where you had to keep strong when you didn’t want to?

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