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Just Do It PS

The day I wrote Just Do It, I watched Joyce Meyer sermon (while I was walking on the treadmill, yay!!) called Finish What You Start. She talked about her daughter’s 50-lb loss and knew that the audience would want to know how she did it. (How many times have I asked that question?) She said, “I’m not going to tell you!” God has a different plan for everyone, whether it’s weight loss, or Bible study, or discipline in any other area, and we already know what to do! We just need to do it.

We already know what to do!

Oh man, isn’t that funny how God speaks to us? In the other post, I focused on the DOING. Today, as I was walking the treadmill (again– yay!!) I began to focus on the KNOWING.

What exercise plan should I follow? How about the one that you already have everything you need? I have a treadmill, a nice neighborhood, and good walking shoes for walking. But I have had knee surgery and walking might aggravate it. Well try it and moderate it if that happens. I have a balance ball workout video. I have 1- and 5-lb weights and resistance bands, and Youtube, which is full of free videos.

What Bible study plan should I do? Read it. I already use plans on the Youversion app. I have many devotional books on my bookshelf. There are a gazillion online studies. Pray about it, but don’t obsess. If you don’t get any specific leading, flip a coin or something, anything, just start one! I’m feeling led to continue my 3 bookmark plan of the Bible (OT history; OT poetry/prophecy; and NT) but add Good Morning Girls’s SOAP method— write down the Scripture; write down some observations; write down some applications; and pray using the Scripture. I won’t do this for everything, but when something speaks to me, I will.

giving, money

How should I give? Well obviously, tithe to your church you attend. If you don’t have one, find one, and get involved. Check out their beliefs and make sure they are Scripturally sound. (You can usually find this on their websites.) Make sure there are open, kind people who make you feel welcome. But we have been so financially blessed that I want to give beyond that. I’ve seen many opportunities from bloggers, but I want to be sure that the recipients are above board and that the majority of my gift will go to the need. Well, while you are researching, give where you already know it will be used well.

  • Our little town has the Christian Care Center. My church donates to it; many of our members volunteer there, so I know it’s a good, well-run organization.
  • My in-laws travel and work with Volunteer Christian Builders, a group that builds churches around the country, and while the churches provide construction materials, the workers provide all their travel expenses and any other incidentals that arise, plus administrative costs.
  • I listen to Andy Stanley and Joyce Meyer regularly, so gifts to them would be obvious.

How should I serve? Well what is your strength, or what has moved you? When Mr X had his motorcycle accident recently, we got several cards and meals that meant so much to us. BINGO! I can continue my mother’s DSC_6857tradition of mailing encouragement, plus indulge my Pinterest-food obsession. Making meals just involves a bit of planning ahead, and making more than you need. When you are putting some in the freezer for next time, or using extra for second-generation meals, just make a bit more for another meal. Freeze it, and before long, a family you know will have a need. My experience of care-taking was very short but exhausting. It really made me empathize with those who do it long-term.

While you are waiting to see if God wants to you go on an overseas mission trip, do the little things that are easy to overlook. There is a tendency to think God is going to call us to some grandiose mission, and while we are waiting, we are missing the many opportunities to be His hands and feet right where we live. And please remember– your first mission field is right in your family.


21-day Challenge Update #1

Self-discipline ChallengeIt’s already November 10, halfway through the 21-day Challenge. I’ve been aware of it every day, and I’ve done more than I would have done. Not everything I would like to have done, but hey, every little helps! And a big improvement is that I’m doing better about putting things away rather than dropping them wherever they are. Flylady is right about that shiny sink being an incentive to keep your dishes washed!

Thursday, Nov 1– Picked up and put away leather jacket, red coat, shoes by door, shoes I wore that day, sweatshirt and pants from the morning, goodie bag from dentist last week, piled-up mail on the table; emptied trash in my bathroom and laundry room; brought trash can back from the road; watered plants and ran the soaker hose. Plus supper, beefy vegetable soup. (Featured in Second Generation Meals)

Friday, Nov 2– At work– went through student forms for Booster club and requests for crim check forms and updated that info; at home, motorcycle ride to dinner with friends.

Saturday, Nov 3– ADD housecleaning. Goodwill, recycle, Walmart, computer tome only with a timer so I wouldn’t stay on forever. Cleaned my bathroom. Cleaned and straightened under kitchen sink. (Mr X replaced faucet.) Got 2 posts ready for A Biblical Marriage Holiday Minefield.

Sunday, Nov 4-– church, met in-laws for lunch (They are working out of town with the Volunteer Christian Builders.) Folded and put away ALL the clothes that had been germinating in the basket– probably 3 loads of towels and socks.

Monday, Nov 5– All- Region choir rehearsal. I took 19 of my kiddos right after school; we had a quick supper then went to a 2 1/2 hour rehearsal for our Region concert Tuesday night. I conducted all but 1 piece in the choir I was working. My self-discipline was that I stayed on my feet! (I did finally take my shoes off though!)

Tues, Nov 6–  swept kitchen, watered plants. I think maybe more, but I can’t remember!

Wednesday, Nov 7— wrote Second Generation post.

Thursday, Nov 8— Veterans’ Day program at school- my kids sang the National Anthem (a cappella) (click here if you’d like to hear them- this is in class, not at the program.) and the Salute to the Armed Forces with our band.

Friday, Nov 9— ??? Took a load of donations to Goodwill. Seems like more, but I can’t remember!

Saturday, Nov 10— cleaned house! Dusted, vacuumed, mopped, cleaned kitchen countertops; washed sheets, bedspread, and a load of towels and jeans — ALL PUT AWAY! And the biggest deal– I walked for half an hour.

Knowing that it’s only 10 minutes has helped a lot. It gives the perfectionist (recovering) in my permission not to eat the whole elephant! How are you doing?


21 Days to Something Better

But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace,
patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Galations 5:22-23

Does anyone besides me get a jolt of surprise everytime you read this passage? Oh wait, I HAVE self-control? I pray to GET it, but God’s word says if I have the Holy Spirit, then I HAVE self-control. Joyce Meyer says when you become a Christian, you have the seeds of all those fruit– they just have to be cultivated. Self-control is one I need lots of tending!

My weakness is not that I DO things I should not; it’s that I DON’T do things I should. When I get home from work, I tend to hit the couch (or back porch chair, or bed) and park there till bedtime, reading or doing blog “work.” And Mr X is so low-maintenance, he doesn’t push me to do anything I don’t want to do– cereal or a PBJ sandwich or frozen pizza is fine, and he’ll fix me some too if I want. With just the 2 of us here, the house and laundry don’t get overrun, so it’s easy to go a month without cleaning the house, or NEVER fold the towels and socks, just use them from the laundry basket. I’ve been saying I’m going to clean out every drawer and closet in my house for about 5 years now.

I saw Crystal’s 21-day Self-Discipline Challenge over at Serving Joyfully this morning, and had a little spark of an “I can do that” thought. So beginning today, November 1, I’m going to take TEN MINUTES a day and do something that needs doing. It might be folding towels or walking on the treadmill, or straightening a shelf in the pantry. But 10 minutes. I can do that.

Want to join me?

Self-discipline Challenge


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